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Werewolf! America x cubby! Horny! Reader
Readers POV
I was going to a party that all these people invited me to. They were celebrating graduation, I graduated too and I wanted to join in. So I was in my way. When I got there, I entered the house and I met all these random people I never seen before. A group of girls were talking to this really cute guy. I walked on over then one of the girls, the one with red hair nastily said, "Who invited the fat ass bitch here? I thought this party was strictly popular and bikini body's only, no pot belly pigs."
"What did I ever do to you?" I asked her, "I bet you can not even bench press 100 lbs with those tooth picks you call arms. You can not even lift me up even 2 whole inches of the ground let alone be able to move one piece of unsightly furniture." I mocked her for her puny size and strength.
All the guys started to laugh like maniacs. The red head and her gang were about to attack me till, "lay off, this girl is all right." Some guy said as he came over to break up the fight.
:iconmermaidfan:mermaidfan 288 59
Vampire!Romania x Reader -Foreplay-
A shuddered breath escaped your lungs as his tongue slithered across the length of your nape. His hands trailed down your back, feeling every groove of your body as his fingernails prodded your thin skin like tamed branches. Whenever you readjusted your position, he would hold you back, tightening his grip as though releasing his embrace would set you free.
But you weren’t going anywhere.
He had you under his spell. Dazed and drunk with his hair, you could only lay yourself down on the stream of silken sheets and allow him to take control of you in your entirety. His touch, cold as ice against his stilled heart, set your instinct alight with an igniting passion. You lusted for his attention and craved his affections as if they were sustenance to your meek state. More. You wanted more until you were begging for him to stop.
The teasing was outright torturous. Your entire body squirmed. Your legs tightened in the center, and small mews squeaked out in helpless intervals at the merc
:iconteralgeo:TeralGeo 301 42
Mature content
LEMON!-My own private prison-Chapter4 :iconorangecatchan:Orangecatchan 75 23
Killing Spree ch. 4 (Jeff x Reader)

This is for actions.
This, for thoughts. “This, for conversations.”
Slender inside someone’s mind goes like this.
Sighs “I mean, Jeff that you’ve fallen in love for the human”
In love? But how the motherf*ck that happened?!
She’s a human! A human that it’s supposedly to be dead by now! God dammit she almost blind me how I’m supposed to like her-
“Listen here, Jeff. I did expect you to fall in love with someone you’re a teenager after all but what I did not expect was the fact that you would be attracted to a human girl…”
“I don’t know what’s happening, I’m so confused”
“Jeff, you are a murderer, someone who lost his sanity a while ago so I’m not surprised
:iconabyssvoice:AbyssVoice 10 7
Mighty Fine (Mettaton x Reader)
(A/N: Apologies if anyone is OOC. Advice is welcome.)
        She didn't like it.
        Being famous that is.
        She hated being on television shows and such, she couldn't stand it. The thought of people being able to watch her movements through a screen drove her close to insanity. She despised having people so close to her, whether it was the people doing her makeup, or the crazy fans that had accumulated through the years. She loathed the outfits she would be forced to wear, as most of them were either insanely ugly, or showed far too much skin for her liking.
        She didn't like it in the slightest.
        But she had managed to put up with it thus far, and would continue to do so. After all, it was rather hard to become 'regular' after becoming famous. At first, she had liked it, she had
:iconaggressivemoose:aggressivemoose 244 78
Mature content
Eyeless jack x Male!Reader. Part 4: TO LEMON :iconstephanofan:stephanofan 235 71



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